Reptilomics website aims at centralising the genomic data produced with non-classical reptilian model species in the Laboratory of Artificial and Natural Evolution (LANE), University of Geneva, Switzerland. This resource should prove useful for the genomics, transcriptomics and herpetology communities alike, as reptiles are still largely under-represented in the relevant databases.

The major lineages of Reptilia diverged 200-280 million years ago and include more than 10,000 species (twice as many as mammals), which display a remarkable range of phenotypes, life histories, sex-determining systems, reproductive modes, and physiologies. Reptiles are becoming important new models for comparative genomics, ecology, and evolutionary developmental genetics, to a great extend thanks to the development of new DNA sequencing technologies, protein-labelling protocols and powerful bioinformatic tools. The Reptilomics website gives access to the near-chromosome quality genome of the corn snake as well as to transcriptomics and genomic mapping of mutations causing skin colour and skin colour pattern phenotypes of the same species.

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MITF is probably responsible of the white suit of leucistic Texas Rat snakes!
Check our article in Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution!

Latest Publications
Ullate-Agote A. and Tzika A.C.*
Characterization of the Leucistic Texas Rat Snake Pantherophis obsoletus
Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution (Special issue on Evo-Devo of Colour Pattern Formation) (2021)

Ullate-Agote A., Burgelin I., Debry A., Langrez C., Montange F., Peraldi R., Daraspe J., Kaessmann H., Milinkovitch, M. C. M. & Tzika A. C.*
Genome mapping of a LYST mutation in corn snakes indicates that vertebrate chromatophore vesicles are lysosome-related organelles
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS) (2020)

Tzika A.C.*, Ullate-Agote A., Grbic D. & M. C. Milinkovitch
Reptilian Transcriptomes v2.0: An Extensive Resource for Sauropsida Genomics and Transcriptomics
Genome Biol. Evol. 7: 1827-1841 (2015)
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