Texas Rat snake genome

We assembled linked reads of 10x Genomics sequencing to obtain a high-quality genome for the Texas Rat snake (Pantherophis obsoletus lindheimeri). The assembly is accessible on NCBI. You can access our own Texas Rat snake annotation via our JBrowse.

The high continuity of this genome (see statistics in the table below), coupled with extensive annotation, already helped us to identify a candidate variant for different Texas Rat snake color morphs and compare them with the variants identified in the corn snake color morphs.

One example is our recently-published study in which we suggest that differential expression of MITF might be responsible for the Leucistic Texas Rat snake phenotype.

Texas Rat snake genome statistics
Species No. of sequences (>1 kbp) N50 (kbp) L50 (seqs) Total length (Gbp)
Pantherophis obsoletus hindheimeri 36,795 14,520 29 1.69
Pantherophis guttatus 34,268 16,790 24 1.71
Pseudonaja textilis 28,550 14,686 31 1.67

Associated Publication
Ullate-Agote A. and Tzika A. C.*
“Characterization of the Leucistic Texas Rat Snake Pantherophis obsoletus
Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution (2021) Special issue "Evo-Devo of Color Pattern Formation"

BUSCO comparison
BUSCO results for eight snake genomes. The genome completeness assessment was performed using the 3,950 single-copy genes of the Tetrapoda set.